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Shire Map

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The Shire of Kent covers an area in excess of 6,500 square kilometres, and is predominantly an agricultural area. The principal centres in the Shire are the towns of Nyabing (Population approx 120) and Pingrup (Population approx 80). Nyabing is approximately 320km south east of Perth and Pingrup a further 40km east of Nyabing. Both communities are renowned as being close knit, friendly, crime free and family orientated.

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kent mapThe Map is reproduced by permission of the Department of Land Administration (DOLA), Western Australia, CL98/2002. DOLA's website can be found at

Large-scale district maps are available for purchase from the Nyabing Shire Office. The maps show the location of residences and detail road names and a list of names referenced to the residences marked on the map are supplied with the map.