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The Shire of Kent is fortunate to have had a lot of history preserved with in both Nyabing and Pingrup, many old buildings, halls and school sidings still exist in the shire, some of them still in tact. The local community holds these historical memories close to their hearts as many families of the districts original settlers still reside with in the shire on the family farms handed down from generation to generation.

Some of the features you can see when visiting the Shire of Kent include many salt (pink) lakes, abundant wildlife, Settlers Hall, numerous nature reserves, Lake Bryde, historical Holland’s Track and parts of the historical ‘rabbit proof fence’.

The Shire of Kent is mostly made up of farming properties and during the seeding to harvest seasons the countryside is an array of colours from the various crops planted at seeding time. Many beautiful species of orchids can be found in the bushlands and on nature reserves through out the shire, ranging from the Spider Orchid to the very basic varieties


 Pingrup Memorial

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