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Bicentennial Park (Pingrup)

Rundown CarRundown CarDuring the October 1988 bicentenary celebrations the park was opened and a time capsule placed under the memorial.

Gnamma Holes

Located 40 kms northeast of Pingrup, early aboriginals are believed to have used this area as a passing and watering hole. John Holland is believed to have discovered them during his journey to the goldfields in 1893 along Holland’s track.

Grader Monument (Nyabing)

Situated in the main street of Nyabing and originally purchased in 1923, it was the first horse drawn grader owned by the Shire.

Historical Museum (Pingrup)

Contains relics from the history of the Shire of Kent and some local artwork.

Historical School Building

Holland Tank DropinHolland Tank DropinIn 1912 the 1st school in Nyabing was built for the 14 local children of school age. The building is currently being used as the town’s 'Brownie Hut'.

Holland's Track

In 1893 John Holland travelled to the goldfields and this track marks his route. The track can be followed all the way to Coolgardie.

Lake Bryde

Situated approximately 35km northeast of Pingrup, Lake Bryde is an ephemeral wetland that is part of a chain of lakes.

Nampup Soak

On the outskirts of Nyabing and marked by a large granite rock that was placed on site as memorial for this historical site which was used by explorers.

Nyabing Town Hall

Pink LakesPink LakesBuilt in 1915 and used as the town’s first Shire Offices.

Pink Lakes

The pink lakes are situated along the floor of a broad shallow valley that runs in a north-south direction between Nyabing and Pingrup. Over half the area is covered by bare salt lakes with no vegetation.

Nyabing War Memorial

Placed in the local children’s playground in memory of our brave young men and women who went to war for our country.

Shearer's Monument (Pingrup)

The shearers' monument is significant in its association with one of the main industries of the shire and its proximity to the grain bulk handling grain bin and railway station site. It also has streetscape value.

Gnamma HolesGnamma HolesHolland's TankHolland's Tank