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Hidden Treasures

The Shire of Kent are an active member in the Hidden Treasures of the Great Southern. The group is designed to promote the wonders of the Great Southern area.

Within the Shire of Kent, there are many wonderful things to see

  • Kwobrup Dam & Tank Stand
  • CBH Grain Bins
  • The Settlers Hall (Nyabing)
  • Brownie Hut (Nyabing)
  • Chinocup Nature Reserve
  • Salmon Gum remains
  • Memorial Park & Playgroung
  • Pink Salt Lakes (Pingrup)
  • Community Federation Shed
  • Shearers Hand Piece
  • Gnamma Holes
  • Lake Bryde Nature Reserve

The Kent area boasts beautiful historical buildings and natural wonders, with amazing wildflower displays in the Spring.


If you would like to know more about the Hidden Treasures trail of the Great Southern, please visit the site: