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Upcoming Events


ANNUAL PINGRUP RACES - Pingrup has their annual horse race day where locals and visitors have the occasional bet on the track and in the two-up tent. Other events are held through out the day... Live entertainment and food and drink are also supplied. Why not come and join in with the locals. For more information contact Alan Smith on 9820 1046


GIRLS NIGHT IN An event organised by a local group of Nyabing girls to raise money for Women's Cancers. Each year the group run a fun day out for the local ladies, Market Days or Long Lunches. For more information contact the girls at the Shire of Kent Office on 98291051. (Held either October or November)

PINK GOLF DAY In congunction with the Girls Night In, the Nyabing Golf Club organise a fun Ladies Golf Day, where the men to all the Cooking & Babysitting, whilst the women have a laugh on the golf course.


 NYABING CWA MARKET DAY A great event every year, Hosted by the CWA a small market day full of stalls boasting plants, food, handiwork & crafts, fashion parades and much much more! Great for Christmas shopping!